Is Patriotism Obsolete?

t’s been quite a month for the spirit of America:  “None of these candidates” was the victorious choice of voters in the Nevada Republican presidential primary.  The highly-respected Rasmussen Poll revealed that only 30% of likely US voters this November feel the country is headed in the right direction. And the country seems more divided than ever, causing me to wonder whether anyone enjoys waving the flag anymore.”

All of this is cause for great concern for me because – you see – I’m on the planning committee for Liberty Celebration 2024, the patriotic-themed biannual musical extravaganza that has been a gateway event to the celebration of Independence Day and patriotic spirit in Kingsport for the past 25 years.  In fact, I’m not just “on the committee.”  As the leader of the Marketing Team, I am accountable for gathering up two live audiences of 1,650 people each for the two Liberty Celebration performances coming up on the last weekend in June.

Could it be that I’m in for a challenge to fill all those seats?  Is all of the division and disappointment in America today going to be enough to extinguish our American Spirit and stifle the pride we have in being Americans?  I hope not.  Since a young child with cancer once told me that Hope Changes Everything,  I went in search of it online and found an organization called Statista Research that asks people across the country every year about how proud they are to be Americans.  As it turns out, 67% of Americans are either Very Proud or Extremely Proud to be Americans and another 22% are Moderately Proud.  That leaves only 11% who admit to having little or no patriotic spirit.  Hope springs eternal!  I think our seats will be filled!

How about you?  Is patriotism obsolete for you, or are you ready to celebrate Your American Spirit?  Join us at Liberty Celebration in June to celebrate the 4th of July in a way that you never have before!  Better yet, volunteer to be a part of the show by clicking this link: Get Involved!  Whether you’re in the audience or in the choir, plan now to be at Liberty Celebration this June . . . let’s make sure that patriotism never becomes obsolete!